Joomla History

Joomla’s development began at Miro International Pvt Ltd., when in August of 2005 internal conflicts over Open-Source values brought the Mambo project to divide resulted in the birth of Joomla. The name “Joomla” originates from a Swahili word, jumla, meaning “all together” and was chosen for the project in September of 2005.

First Release

Joomla was first released on September 7th, 2005. It was basically the Mambo with several fixes and was received with great reviews. It was described as a great CMS that allows people to create amazing websites using the true power of Joomla through the hundreds of extensions available to the user


On January 22, 2008 version 1.5 was released and continued to be the supported version of Joomla until April of 2012. This marked the first time a version attained LTS (long term support), a version that remains the main version for a while with minor changes until another LTS is released. Joomla 1.5 included a new administrative interface and a simplified menu. In addition, language packs were added in order to allow international users to have the entire admin panel in their native language. Joomla 1.5 was accepted by users as a breath of fresh air, being more powerful and diverse, yet simpler.  Some criticisms of the release were that the categories, sections, and content were hard to distinguish, and why it was necessary to have both a category and a section.

Access Control System

Version 1.6 was then released in January 10, 2011.  This short-lived version (only about 6 months until 1.7 was released) offered some interesting new changes.  Joomla now gave administrators the power to decide who can view and manage content in a New Access Control System. The One-Click Extension Updates simplified the updating of extension empowering Joomla users with the ability to keep sites more secure and controlled.  Users once again received the update very well as a nice change, saying it has a newer feel due to visual changes and new features like the access control system put Joomla in a much better position compared to some of the other options available on the market.  Joomla 1.7 came out 6 months after 1.6 on July 19, 2011. The new version offered fixes to various issues that were present in 1.6 and mostly offered more lingual diversity and security improvement. 

Version 2.5

The next and latest major update was v 2.5. Released on January 24, 2012, 2.5 is planned to be another LTS and remain under support until the release of Joomla 3.0 in late 2012. Version 2.5 offers a new platform, which provides more possibilities.  For example, Smart Search allows users to search the content of the whole site and external data sources as well. Users were very pleased with the release, and satisfied with the new look and improved options and features