Joomla Features

Joomla isn’t just a CMS that pastes together a collection of web pages.  It is a platform for an interactive website experience that makes use of many 3rd party apps and programming interfaces known as plugins.  Joomla offers many built-in features and plugins for its users. You can find a directory of plug-ins and extensions at Joomla’s official site but here’s an overview of some of the most popular and important ones.

Banner Management
This module can place rotating advertisements anywhere on the web page as the user desire.  With a banner rotator website owners can see increased revenue from a constantly changing lineup of ads.

Media Management
This feature allows you to control all the images used in various displays and content items, it provides the user with the ability to edit existing images and upload new ones, and to create portfolios for media like image galleries or streaming videos.

Language Management
The Joomla Language Manager provides the user a list of all the languages available for use on a Joomla website. This way the user can chose the language they desire to be displayed on their web page.

These plugins allow you to make changes to your sites and access the toolbars needed for editing. WYSIWYG stands for “What you see is what you get”, with these types of editors you can drag and drop images into pages and edit as if you were writing a word document on your desktop without any need to learn HTML.

Search Plug-Ins
These give you the ability to provide access to a search engine from a website. Kunene Search allows users to search the whole websites including the forums with one easy step.  Website owners can also place an internal search box in the corner of their homepage so users have access to all the information on a site.  The Joomla search feature automatically indexes any public files, pages, and blog posts on your site for easy access.

There are many one click backup solutions for Joomla installations available as plugins.   These will provide you with a .zip file of your entire site including all media content as well as text.  If something unexpected happens to your site such as an attack by a hacker you can quickly restore your website in just a few clicks with an automatic backup.