Joomla and SEO

Core elements of Joomla which can be optimized

There are many core elements of the CMS which can easily be customized.  The global configuration contains a SEO Friendly URLS option which can be enabled with one click; this is a great start for optimizing of your site.  The speed of Joomla itself is another huge SEO benefit, with site speed being flagged as on on-site SEO signal.  Other simple features such as the ability to set individual meta tags for each article you publish also helps.

Joomla SEO Plugins

JooMap – This is a customizable sitemap generator extension available for Joomla.  A site maps details all sections of a website in a hierarchical form. It has support for Google Sitemaps and comes with a plugin system to enable the adding of additional categories from other components.  It’s important to ensure that your sitemap is regularly submitted to Google.

OpenSEF – This component is very flexible and includes a wide range of administration features to control the output of your URL which includes features such as the ability to manually map arbitrary user-chosen URLs to Joomla pages, the ability to send an HTTP browser redirection instead of rewriting the URL internally in Joomla and a useful validation feature for checking for broken links.

Scribe SEO – This free extension allows you to analyze your articles to improve their SEO copywriting. You are shown what search engines think your article is about plus suggestions on how to improve it.

SEO Simple – This is a simple extension which takes the starting chunk of text from the page’s content and applies that as the value for the meta description tag. Search engines use this piece of data and it's important to ensure that it's relevant to your site.

Built-in SEO features of Joomla

Search Engine Friendly URLs are web addresses which are easily understood as they clearly explain the path to the page in question. Joomla is able to create and understand URLs in any format since version 1.5. This feature does not require rewriting abilities as part of a web server, so it works regardless of what web server you are using, for example LiteSpeed or Apache. You can activate this feature by turning on the Search Engine Friendly URLs option in the Global Configuration. This option is enabled by default since Joomla 1.6.