Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting involves a number of customers sharing a server in order to divide maintenance and other costs. Though it is often touted as “cheap” hosting – shared hosting usually offers unlimited disks space and bandwidth which was unthinkable only a few years ago.  See the reviews of our best rated shared Joomla hosts below

Web Host Price Rating Review Visit
Justhost $3.75 4.5/5 Justhost Visit
Bluehost $3.95 5/5 Bluehost Visit
Hostgator $3.96 4/5 Hostgator Visit
GreenGeeks $4.95 4/5 Green Geeks Visit

In addition to unlimited diskspace and bandwidth and 24/7 support, 1-click auto install scripts come standard on almost all shared hosting plans.  These features allow users to install Joomla with just one click and for site owners to get help if they encounter any difficulties.

Other Features

Other common features of shared hosting plans are emailing boxes and forwarding addresses, template based site builders, easy-to-use control panels, and much more! Joomla users who are looking to create a site with a limited user base such as a small blog or photo gallery should take shared hosting into consideration. The very low costs due to sharing with others, many features and high uptime guarantees come together to form the best option for those of you who do not need a big business plan, but still want to enjoy the power, and luxury of many of it’s benefits.


What shared hosting is not good for is ecommerce or sites that expect to have a heavy user load.  If you are using shared Joomla hosting and your website goes viral or has a crush of users (over 200 in many cases) who visit all at the same time – your site will not load fast causing headaches for your users.  Those who need more power to reach a large audience should consider business, VPS, or dedicated hosting.  If you are still unsure about what type of hosting plan is best for you the ideal solution is to start with shared hosting and then simply upgrade if you find you need more power.  An upgrade with the same shared hosting company to a more powerful hosting package can be accomplished with just a few actions on the hosting providers part.  They can move your site to a new server without you or your visitors noticing a thing.

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