Green Hosting

In this article we explore what green Joomla web hosting is, why you should use it and the best provider to obtain your service from. Please refer to our recommended green Joomla hosts in the table below.

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GreenGeeks $4.95 4/5 Green Geeks Visit
Hostgator $3.96 4/5 Hostgator Visit

Web hosting consumes significant levels of energy, something which many of us never actually consider when looking for a web hosting provider. Many electrical components are involved – the servers themselves, air conditioning systems, backup generators, fire detection and security systems, to name just a few.  Then of course there’s the office buildings and computers used to manage the datacenter and provide support.  This high level of energy consumption is having a negative effect on our planet, so what can we do to mitigate these effects?  This is where green web hosting comes into play.

Green Hosting Explained

So what exactly is green hosting and why should you use it?  Green hosting is hosting provided by a company with strong emphasis on protecting the environment using a variety of means.  These companies have renewable energy certificates and offer customers the ability to purchase carbon offsetting among other options.  Some green hosting companies even use solar power from panels mounted on the roof of their datacenters to power their servers.  Many green hosting companies purchase what are known as green tags to help offset their power consumptions and support renewable energy sources such as wind farms.  While some people are under the impression that their service will be affected negatively and/or reduced in functionality in their good willed efforts to use environmentally friendly hosting this simply isn’t the case.

Green Hosting Packages

Environmentally friendly  hosting packages have all the same features as you would expect to find in a normal hosting package but with greater protection for the environment.  Not only can you help save the planet but you aren’t sacrificing any functionality in doing so.  The service will be just as reliable as your traditional hosting package as the technologies for the most part remain the same and 99.9% uptime guarantees are easily found.  When you choose a green hosting provider this is something you can be proud of and use to improve your company image to set you apart from the competition. When you choose a green hosting plan as the platform for your next Joomla project there is nothing to be lost and much to be gained by doing your part in preserving our planet.